Air 3 timmar sedan
Which Trump are these people describing? Is there a doppelgänger or hallucination that they worship, and that the rest of the world doesn’t see or know about? 😳
Steven Frost
Steven Frost 3 timmar sedan
Gotta' stop talking and do more doing.
The Squishiest
The Squishiest 3 timmar sedan
Scream “FIRE” instead of “help” - more people will respond.
Tim Tipton
Tim Tipton 3 timmar sedan
14:22 ..... “I’ve got one word for you... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah etc....f**k you”. Lotta words 😂. But who needs math? Biggest inauguration ever right?!?
Laura Willits
Laura Willits 3 timmar sedan
What an amazing man.
Robert Pfannstiel
Robert Pfannstiel 3 timmar sedan
Proposal to align system 1 to system 2: put mercaptan in motor fuel so everyone will find car exhaust as offensive as it really is.
Charlie Fckin Marr
Charlie Fckin Marr 3 timmar sedan
How dare you 😭 hah
Alvin Derozio
Alvin Derozio 3 timmar sedan
Sad that u have to ask a hysterical teenager why we should act in climate change, rather than an expert in the field.
Joshua Mulligan
Joshua Mulligan 3 timmar sedan
Give Jordan Klepper an award for journalism right tf now
Luc Bac
Luc Bac 3 timmar sedan
I need a shower after watching this. The MAGAts are so disgusting.
Archer_68 3 timmar sedan
Did you send him to any Biden rallies? Nope, Biden didn’t have any.... Most popular President in history and smallest rallies in history. 🧐
Gamer Nance
Gamer Nance 3 timmar sedan
Funny but I agree
Neo the Outflanker
Neo the Outflanker 3 timmar sedan
Come on lady if u saw worried about climate why wont u be a female Nikola Tesla and make a unlimited power source so we dont need coal or fuel? PATH ETIC CREA TURE
Tim Tipton
Tim Tipton 4 timmar sedan
2:30 .... “Nice big hands” 😂 Trump has literally possessed that woman!
Sky Lark
Sky Lark 4 timmar sedan
Most of California was desert. The state has taken water from nearby states and the Colorado River ( in the Grand Canyon...) to defy nature and create artificial environments.
The Gator
The Gator 4 timmar sedan
Why doesn’t she age?
Michelle Faron
Michelle Faron 4 timmar sedan
The guy with the dynasty shirt would've had clearer branding if the second number was when the hypothetical second term ended, so it would be 2016-2024 then the next would be 2024-2032 and so on because the way he has it now, Jordan was right.
christschool 4 timmar sedan
Their faces SHOULD NOT BE BLURRED. The FBI needs to identify these people.
Chirag Suvarna
Chirag Suvarna 4 timmar sedan
Inspired from Black Panther ,Dalits in India formed Dalits Panther's Party.
barefoot professor
barefoot professor 4 timmar sedan
The Tanzanian leader who was the only leader of Africa that didn't do anything about Covid died of Covid.
Vlad Aldi
Vlad Aldi 4 timmar sedan
Make America Great Again - Idiotic ex-POTUS What an absilute irony!
dancepiglover 4 timmar sedan
Manipulating the environment was how we got into this mess in the first place. Now the solution is supposed to be by further manipulation the environment? Have people learned nothing?
Edgar Santos
Edgar Santos 4 timmar sedan
The core of the matter of climate change, as continuously discussed is the fast increasing populations of the world. In 1975, when I graduated from high school, the world's population was 3 billion and now only China and India carry that amount and more. All other concerns here are peripheral and symptoms of what the careless, ignorant and greedy but decision makers make for their interests - direct or indirect.
Number 41GreyST
Number 41GreyST 4 timmar sedan
Nice big hands.??
AK Li 4 timmar sedan
Where's Greta on Fukushima Nuclear Waste Water release in 2 years? Japan with the help of US will be committing mass genocide. Fishes have been found consistently near Fukushima waters with higher than normal radiation levels which means Japan is quietly doing so but now they plan to do it openly. Japan government plans to serve Olympic athletes food from Fukushima. As soon as Japan's announcement, Blinken thanked Japan for it's transparency and gave approval but yet US FDA on Apr 3 sent out an Import Alert 99-33 banning certain food from Japan due to radionuclide radiation. www.accessdata.fda.gov/cms_ia/importalert_621.html
Joe R M
Joe R M 4 timmar sedan
If “big oil” is such a profitable industry, why do they need government subsidies? Other nations do just fine with more expensive gas/petrol, and it might make Americans rethink designing everything around cars (which have only been a thing for a little over a hundred years, before that we only had bicycles, trans, and horse drawn vehicles for local travel.)
Elizabeth Wollmeringer
Elizabeth Wollmeringer 4 timmar sedan
Love your lavedar hoodie Trevor! <3
justmuscle 4 timmar sedan
Perfectly covered!
Emil Santana
Emil Santana 4 timmar sedan
It's great that kids at that age think about the climate change etc. But then, she is a kid, and she thinks like a kid. Everything else is just a hype. Media benefits from this and they have made her bigger and bigger...
Jobie Seward
Jobie Seward 4 timmar sedan
Thank you for this...unreal.
EJ Wright
EJ Wright 4 timmar sedan
It's sad that this child has more common sense than many adults. She's more intelligent and aware than most Republicans.
Ria Somers
Ria Somers 4 timmar sedan
They trust the guy that no american banks trust.
Shawn Galahan
Shawn Galahan 4 timmar sedan
She's an expert at what again? Nothing. That's right nothing. I couldn't quite remember
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 4 timmar sedan
Makes joke to hide embarrassment and shame
C K 4 timmar sedan
America became great when trump left the White House 🇺🇸👍
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker 4 timmar sedan
Haaaaaa! I’dcall it black people jockeying for position in the new communist government that will be eliminated because communism doesn’t allow blacks
shaikh umar
shaikh umar 4 timmar sedan
She travelled in zero emission boat to new York. She had a crew of 4 with her on the boat. They survived on packaged food in not so environmentally package for the trip.About 200 meals. 2 person had to fly to new York to bring back the zero emissions boat. She could have addressed the UN session via Skype. And all future meetings she should do it on Skype. Definitely that would be cheaper and zero emission for sure..
Spooky Black
Spooky Black 4 timmar sedan
Her sound effects need to be on my keyboard 🤣 GOLD
David Spangler
David Spangler 4 timmar sedan
Every time I see stuff like this, visions of AC-130 Spectre gunships and miniguns dance in my head.
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 4 timmar sedan
Where were they doing capital riots, heavy police presence none 2 sets of laws
stralbem 4 timmar sedan
"Are video games sports? Who cares I'm rich!" Love it
WARRIOR OF LIGHT 4 timmar sedan
I wish he knew he is really not funny at all🙄🙄🙄. And to think that the silencing they did to assange they are now doing it to everyone now.
Robert Veronelli
Robert Veronelli 4 timmar sedan
Can we just put these people in a big room and gas them?
Topaz fire
Topaz fire 4 timmar sedan
🥺🥺🥺🥺................😖😖😖😖😖😖💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🥴🥴🥴 that's better
Dippy Kangaroo
Dippy Kangaroo 4 timmar sedan
Ok but nobody says anything about how if we leave, the Taliban will take over again, and Afghanistan will become a terrorist state under sharia law again.
Tom gong
Tom gong 4 timmar sedan
Japan dumping contaminated nuclear waste into the pacific ocean does not make Earth happy
writerchik44 4 timmar sedan
Everyone wants to celebrate #EarthDay2021 but no one wants to talk about the leading causes of planetary destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones, and habitat loss .... come on people ... #WakeUp Animal Agriculture is destroying the only home we have to live on. #Evolve #GoVegan
Towsif 4 timmar sedan
That dart joke got me bro.
FLASH ABC 4 timmar sedan
Yet there are 83 million who knew !!!!
K. Lane
K. Lane 4 timmar sedan
Kinda calling the kettle black now huh? 😂
Dippy Kangaroo
Dippy Kangaroo 4 timmar sedan
It wasn’t really a war because we set up a democratic government there very quickly. We really were at war against the Taliban because they refused to give us Osama Bin Laden, the culprit behind 9/11. It really was a war on terrorism, not Afghanistan itself.
Andrew Tom
Andrew Tom 4 timmar sedan
There are actually two separate countries in the USA, one progressive intellectual advanced country and one backward stubborn corruptive sub-third world country. The interview between Jordan Kepler and the Trumpsters is a solid testimonies of this scary fact!
Tesla Drew
Tesla Drew 4 timmar sedan
Matt Gaetz is all over that 15 year old oil spill
Crystal Stinson
Crystal Stinson 4 timmar sedan
Happy #EarthDay2021
Kathryn Poe
Kathryn Poe 4 timmar sedan
This is actually super important journalism. I feel like I learned more from this than lots of other serious news.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 4 timmar sedan
Nothing really that's not normal. I'm old enough to remember when I was a kid the world was going to end by ice age by the 1980s. We only had so many years to live before the Earth burnt up twice since my lifetime. They scrubbed all the highs and lows records for the past 100 years so you cannot see that cold periods and warm. Are cyclic in perfectly normal. The longer you live the more you realize it's perfectly normal what's going on with the weather LOL. All this is about is taxing you and restricting your movement so they can control you better. The elites aren't going to change a thing that they do because they can afford the carbon tax.
rahul reddy
rahul reddy 4 timmar sedan
india has a poor opinion on canada because of khalistan issue
Deadmoo53 4 timmar sedan
Can we talk about the fact that the dude that called Trump "President Iron Man" looked and sounded exactly like a man that was about to scream that Tony Stark was able to build something in a cave? With a box of scaps?
Immortal Kombat
Immortal Kombat 4 timmar sedan
Isaiah Prout
Isaiah Prout 4 timmar sedan
Elliot Ma
Elliot Ma 4 timmar sedan
Climate change is inevitable the only thing we can do is slow it down.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 4 timmar sedan
If any of you ever dream of driving a car, forget it. It will not be allowed or you just won't be able to afford the carbon taxes. Their goal is to put you on public transportation while the elites live like they always have because they can afford to pay the carbon tax.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 4 timmar sedan
Just imagine it's below zero out and your green energy freezes up.
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 4 timmar sedan
Still trying to figure out why this person is touted as an expert. She's a teenage girl from an elite family and her only basis is her emotional outbursts. If she took some midol maybe she wouldn't be so emotional about everything and would be more clear-headed?
Q.Q Tulips
Q.Q Tulips 4 timmar sedan
No JESUS EMMANUEL IS ...MiddleEastern. 👀...😹😹😹😹😹😄😁😹😹😹
Giggidy 4 timmar sedan
Bottom line, don't resist and you'll be fine, another criminal off the streets I'm fine with that
winnie killen
winnie killen 4 timmar sedan
So sweet, she reminds me of my mom.
Q.Q Tulips
Q.Q Tulips 4 timmar sedan
Way to Go!😁
Jean Knitter
Jean Knitter 4 timmar sedan
The world economic Forum advised people get use to the idea of eating bugs and weeds. Bill Gates said rich countries should go 100% synthetic beef to prevent cow CO2.
Dave Goodwin
Dave Goodwin 4 timmar sedan
Honestly, in most States if anything is filmed/recorded in public or even an office as long as the door is not closed there would be no need for a legal release to be signed.
poketopa1234 4 timmar sedan
That guy's math was right. It just lists the election dates, not the time served
Ferhat Doski
Ferhat Doski 4 timmar sedan
This is second time Kurds have trusted America and they betrayed them... First Kissinger in 1975 then Trum in 2019
Mike Cleaner
Mike Cleaner 4 timmar sedan
Black racist are more common now. Having liberal privilege does it to. Africa enslaved Europeans idiot, pay reparations now!!!!!
Gigi Rose
Gigi Rose 4 timmar sedan
mayor of albuquerque is fiiiiiine